No trespassing, this site is under 24 hour video surveillance. 

Construction Update 5/29 – 6/9

Continue landscape plantings on property
Install irrigation in parking lot islands
Prep for sidewalks and curbing

Building 9

Site work: Continue with prepping curbing and sidewalks
Excavate for gas installation to building

Construction: Finish placing dock pad aprons
Place building door stoops
Add second coat of textured paint to building exterior
Continue drywalling interior (bathrooms, stairwells, janitors closets etc)
Begin bathroom plumbing
Begin installation of fire pump
Continue hanging high bay lights (about 60% complete)

Building 12

Site work: Grade for sidewalks
Excavation for gas installation to building

Construction: Place ductile around loading dock levelers
Begin CMU on mechanical and electrical rooms
Begin metal roof edge
Add second coat of textured paint to building exterior
Complete exterior and interior caulking
Begin setting HVAC units on rooftop
Begin install of fire suppression lines
Continue overhead feeds for lights and alarms


Binder is down on buildings 9 and 12